SHOTS: Philbrook Mix Portraits

Jun 22 - Aug 20

Philbrook Downtown

Explore highlights from the award-winning bartender portraits by acclaimed Tulsa-based photographers, Melissa Lukenbaugh and Jeremy Charles. Created for the annual Philbrook MIX fundraiser, these stunning images elevate the traditional "headshot" to grand, sweeping, and cinematic levels. From the Great Salt Plains to the side of a bank, no location or concept proved too daunting.

Melissa Lukenbaugh is a documentary photographer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her social work campaigns range from the evolving story of HIV and AIDS in Africa, Thailand and India to cancer survivorship in Tulsa. Annual Report Design, commercial and architecture work keeps her busy between social projects.

A documentarian of the vivid life lived, Jeremy Charles is a Tulsa-based photographer specializing in advertising, editorial assignments, music and architecture. He is best known for creative portraits of musicians, public figures, and athletes.